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Common Olive Varieties



This olive is harvested late in the season between January and March.  It produces a very stable oil which keeps well for long periods.  This variety oil is intense in flavor and slightly bitter with hints of avocado and other exotic fruits.



Accounts for 50% of Spanish olive oil production.  This full-flavored oil is marked by its intense, woody flavor and pepperiness in finish.  While it is grown in many parts of the world, it is native to the Andalusian region of Spain.


Native to the Mallorcan Island of Spain, this variety of olive is now grown throughout the Iberian Peninsula.  It has a delicate and green flavor with hints of almond and green apple.  Arbequina oils are great on salads, vegetables and fish

Noviembre Royal:

This early Royal olive is indigenous to Spain and available in very limited quantities.  Oil produced from this fruit is unique in the world with aromas that hint of artichoke, green grass and green banana.  On the palate it is velvety with mild pepperiness.


Olive Oil Facts

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, producing twice as much as Italy.

EVOO Golden Olive Press- The Mediterranean Diet, which is heavy in olive oil, can help decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
- Olive oil contains high levels of monounsaturated fats which can help lower your cholesterol and control insulin levels.
- Spain has laws that govern the use of the label "Extra Virgin". This helps guarantee that our oil is of the highest quality.
- Olive oil has been produced since 4500B.C.
- Bitterness in olive oil is a positive trait.
- Generally, the more peppery an oil is, the higher the heat it can withstand.

- "Light" olive oil is a marketing tool. It usually indicates the oil is a blend of refined and virgin oils.
- All of the oils available from The Golden Olive Press   are cold-extracted by mechanical means only. This process ensures the olives and oil never exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby minimizing oxidation and the loss of volatile aromas.

EVOO Golden Olive PressThe Golden Olive Press was founded, by brothers Omar and Paul and life-long friend Angel, with the purpose of introducing premium Spanish olive oils to American households.  It was through their passion for food and wine that they came to the realization that many authentic Spanish products were either not available in the USA or of inferior quality.

Our premium olive oils have been selected on the basis of quality, regulatory accreditation and taste.  We guarantee our oils will be of the highest possible quality.